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Walters Bay Te Sverige Köpa
Walters Bay Te Sverige Köpa


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Superb chai tea from Walters Bay premium pyramid collection. 

This tea starts with freshly handpicked leaves from the misty highlands of Sri Lanka - a place renowned all over the world for it's high quality tea and historic roll in the sales and production. 

Many of our products have been rewarded with highly respected awards for it's taste and quality, and this Walters Bay Chai tea is no exception. At Walters Bay we call our producers for Tea Masters, and they have put in tremoundous amount of time and work in order to create such a well-tasting and smooth tea as this. 

Like all our tea, it's flavoured and blended only with natural Ceylon spices, chosen by our experts in the field. The best way to describe the taste, is a as a fresh and spicy traditional chai tea, with a hint of sweetness. Expect a perfect aroma, and a variety of flavor nuances in each sip. 

For many tea-lovers, the full-bodied teas are their favorite kind to start their day with. Try it out yourself, and we will be glad to hear what you thought about it. 

Choose between three different sizes and package options. Each tea bag contains approximately 3 grams of tea.

Please note that only the 3g x 15 envelopes is delivered in the box at the picture. 
The 3g x 18 sachets is delivered in foiled catering pack och and the 3g x 100 envelopes in a carton with the envelopes at the picture.