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Walters Bay Tea Chamomile


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Our Walters Bay herbal Chamomille tea is a perfect choice for you who are looking to enjoy a smooth, calming and caffeine-free tea. 

Herbal teas are generally made from dried flowers, roots, leaves and seeds that are caffeine-free. This is instead of the tea-plant camellia sinensis which most teas are produced by, and naturally contains caffeine.

Our tea is always made by handpicked ingredients. This ensures only the best leaves, or in this case chamomille flowers, are used for production. It's a part of our sustainable and ecological efforts to conservate and protect the environment for future generations, who also will be in need of it's precious resources. 

We think the taste-profile is best described as delicate floral notes with a slight sweetness, with a beautiful and fresh golden-yellow look when served. 

Choose between three different sizes and package options. Each tea bag contains approximately 3 grams of tea.

Please note that only the 3g x 15 envelopes is delivered in the box at the picture. 
The 3g x 18 sachets is delivered in foiled catering pack och and the 3g x 100 envelopes in a carton with the envelopes at the picture.

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