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Our Start

Based out of the cozy town of Kungsbacka, Sweden, we are proud to distribute Walters Bay premium tea throughout Europe.

After many trips and visits to the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, close relationships was established with several communities and families. 
It was after getting to know the great people at Walters Bay, and see directly what incredible and important work they do for their employees and the development of the surrounding communities, we wanted to establish a linkage between Sri Lanka and the many tea-drinkers of Scandinavian countries.

Most of the worlds tea market is controlled and dominated by a few large-scale players, with brands you probably already have heard of.
In order to compete with them, we put tremendous focus not only in our products, but in the personal human factor of all the employees and their families.

Our Promise

Economic, social and environmental empowerment for the growers are the main focus of development, and what makes Walters Bay strong and unique. 

It's not without a reason that we are recognized with both Fairtrade and Ecologic certifications for our tea. We offer our customers the important possibility of full production-transparency in every cup of tea enjoyed.

At T-Bay and Walters Bay we know that these values are fundamental cornerstones of a successful and flourishing organisation. With proud and happy employees, their quality of life improves, and so does the product results, which are exceeding any competitors ambition of both taste and quality.

Examples of how this grower empowerment is implemented, is the subsidized housing received by employees and their families. This is together with free daycare, schools and care for their elderly. The commitment and promise of a sustainable environment, leads to better opportunities for future generations to inherit a flourishing habitat and nature. For example, it consists of all handpicked tea leaves, always grown without any pesticides that can be harmful to either workers, or the world.

For private households & companies

As of today, many of our private household customers actually first came in contact with Walters Bay tea at some of the restaurant-partners working with us. If you are one of those, or just want to order some of our delicious tea home, we want to welcome you, and please direct you to our webshop here.
For any organisation or companies who are interested in working with us and Walters Bay tea, please read more and get in contact with us here.

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Sometimes a picture says more than thousand words. 
That is what we try to achieve with this demonstrating picture below of 
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